By Kenneth Pobo


Josh, born in Ohio,

wanted to transition,

but his folks nailed him

in a box

called Jesus,

lowered him,

still breathing,

into the ground.


The stated cause

of death–


in front of a

Freightliner semi

on I-71,

that’s the story



not the real story

of parents

who killed Leelah

year by year.


Kenneth Pobo grew up in an Illinois town that used to make Ovaltine.  He wrote his first poem in the basement of his family’s home in July, a hot day, handwritten.  School didn’t get him into poetry.  Pop music did.  Tommy James and the Shondells.  Right now my feet are wet from visiting the garden on a rainy morning.  I go there often.  It’s like a book I keep rereading and reenjoying.  I’m part of the G in LGBTQIA.  My husband is too. 


Author: authorbios

The literary journal dedicated only to author bios.

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