Curb Findings

By Phil Huffy


Weekly the time draws near for

rituals of consumption and surplusage.

Boxes, tins and plastics

and green bottles drolly hid

are set out at dusk or an early hour.

For walkers of certain inclination,

the refuse yields life’s regimes:

oddities both vegan and organic

and correspondence dampened but revealed

and even medications quietly taken.

We are told all this is somehow reassorted

into useful categories and supplies,

to be transfigured into new and shiny objects

at places technical and modernly equipped.

Our muddy bins go back up the drive.

Phil Huffy practiced law long enough to call it a career. Although trained to think on his feet, he writes mostly at his kitchen table in Rochester, NY. He collected pocket knives until his wife told him to stop it. His work has recently appeared in Mad Swirl, Former Cactus, and Magnolia Review.

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