By AE Lanuza Franken

“Before the snow falls,”

He says,

He wants a little more meat on his bones.

So, he eats,

White cherry cola slushies from Speedway 

That his younger daughter happily buys for him,

Big Macs that his too American daughter 

Started requesting at too early an age,

Noodles that his wife doesn’t understand why he likes so much, 

But that she gratefully cooks.

Maybe, he hopes, they will give him the long life

That the doctors do not foresee.

Despite his best efforts,

He is able to finish only

Half the slushie,

Half the Big Mac,

Half the bowl of noodles.

The snow is still falling,

When he decides to leave us.

And at that very moment,

I feel my desire to live a long life


By exactly half.

Born in Chicago, raised in Dolton, and currently residing in Munster, AE Lanuza Franken has learned how life dirties and bloodies your hands, but with some soap, water, and consideration, each moment is a new one.

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