Scene of December Vagabonds

By Sean Crawford

December vagabonds
On a blue street corner
In a winter Gary
They got here in the boxcar
Of a circus train
Slept in the piled hay
Of painted horses
Now they wait for their next express
To ferry them off to St. Louis
They lean against a big brick building
Snowflakes scattered
By the mill’s steely smog
The empty azure boulevard
Smelling rich of metallic toxins
Waiting ears poke out from
Wide-brimmed bucket hats
Their five-foot beards
Sprawled out on the sidewalk
One’s draped in a newspaper blanket
Plastered with the names and pictures
And people of Korea
Another’s picking at a tattered flier
Of Adlai Stevenson’s bulbous egghead
He’s slurping cold chicken soup
Cuts his lip on the Campbell’s can
Another sits cross-legged
Pumping his long ebony alphorn
Emits a luxurious booming resonance
Like the moo of Pluto’s cow
Up and down the icy road
Ratting far up windows
But not so loud they three couldn’t
Hear the train horn
They all rise to their feet as one
Time to go.

Sean Crawford is a university student originally from Auburn, Indiana who has been writing for many years as a hobby. He is studying history and geography with the goal of becoming a teacher in the near future. More work of his can be found at his WordPress blog: Sean Crawford Fiction.

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