By Paul Negri    Marilyn Johnson lost her husband John on the same day Stew Daley lost his wife Dale. They lost them in the same place, Barton Memorial Hospital, at about the same time, 3:30 or so on a snowy January morning.    John and Dale were fond-of-fatty-foods-and-sweets-overweight-smoker fifty-somethings. Both diligently ignored the signs of an … Continue reading “Endings”

The Blind

By Paul Negri “I don’t understand.” Marsha watched her husband Matt load the back of his black Jeep Wrangler with plywood. “What’s to understand?” “Why now? You haven’t been hunting in years, Matt.” “That’s exactly why now.” Matt looked at Marsha and tried to smile but didn’t quite make it. Smiling had always been an … Continue reading “The Blind”