Submission Guidelines:

Send one short story of no more than 5,000 words, one flash fiction piece, one photo or artwork or one poem at a time. Attach the piece as a Word doc or JPG or include it in the body of an email. Reprints are welcome. Include an author bio, which should be under 150 words and have some flair or personality, not just an endless list of publications. We welcome new writers and encourage submissions from underrepresented minorities, especially authors from a working class background, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQIA folks, the differently abled, and veterans. This is a labor of love on a WordPress site that generates no revenue whatsoever, so we are unfortunately not a paying market. While we believe you deserve to be paid for your work, smarter people than us have not figured out how to monetize it.

Many literary journals have impossibly exacting standards or extremely narrow aesthetics even though they have virtually no readers and certainly no readers who aren’t also writers. We’re pretty cool; send us your stuff.

Authors retain all rights to their work and may do whatever they please with it.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome. But do not simultaneously submit unless you are a responsible enough adult to notify the other publications that the piece has been accepted elsewhere.

Email submissions or other correspondence to

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