By Austin Ray

The whole world tells you to be successful.

As I grew up I was told I’d do great things.  

I was smart. I was funny. I was handsome.

I believed that pushing myself harder and harder

would lead me to a happy successful life.

As I grew older I looked for things that made me happy.

Spending time with friends, trying new hobbies, reading books.

I felt complete.

But time took that away.

Friends moved away.

My interests changed.

And I was forced to confront the next stage in my life.

I still look for things that make me happy.

But it feels simpler now.

The cool breeze on a warm day,

the smell of flowers,

the sun shining through my eyelids when I lay down in the grass.

Happiness was always a thing I had to go and find.

But now that I am older I realize I’ve been standing in it my whole life.

I only had to stop moving to see it.

Austin Ray is a Physics major at Indiana University-South Bend. He was born in Virginia, lived in Texas, and currently resides in Indiana. As an avid reader, he has a passion for fantasy, and mythology literature. He has studied at Second City. His involvement in the arts includes performing as an actor, musician, and vocalist.

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